Larissa Fisher Personal Trainer. photography by Lou O'Brien.

I had the privilege of photographing Larissa and Shaun's wedding at Novotel Twin Waters Resort a few years ago.  Larissa is the founder and personal trainer of Shine Fitness, Sunshine Coast and specialises in female only, outdoor group training.  

Looking your best on your special day is a great motivator for a lot of brides to be!  Larissa has come up with seven top tips on how to tone up and look great in your wedding dress.

1.       Planning is important – Changes to your body, health & fitness do take time so the earlier you decide on your workout plan & put it into action the better.

2.       BE Realistic – Setting goals is a great way to stay motivated however it needs to be an attainable goal otherwise you may set yourself up for disappointment.

3.       Make Time – To see results from exercising I recommend a minimum of 3 times per week. Setting a routine and plan in place is a great way to ensure you get your workout in. I also recommend morning workouts as you won’t be affected by interruptions that can happen throughout the day.

4.       Find an exercise activity you enjoy – If you join a gym that you hate going to you are less likely to succeed. Find a group, enlist the expertise of a personal trainer or even get your fiancé involved. Find what works for you and enjoy the process. Exercising should be enjoyable, a stress relief and an energy booster.

5.       Embrace Resistance Training – to increase muscle tone you need to be doing resistance training. This includes using weights or your own bodyweight. It’s important to train all muscle groups however you can put extra focus on the areas you’d like to see the most improvement in such as your arms. Resistance training the right areas can also improve your posture which automatically makes you look more toned.

6.       Adjust Your Eating Habits – Gaining the right nutrition will help you look and feel your best. Focus on eating whole foods & limiting processed foods. Ensuring you are fuelling your body with the foods that make you feel great and this combined with adequate water intake will set your metabolism on fire.

7.       Focus on What’s Important – Looking & feeling your best on your wedding day is important however making lifestyle changes that will positively affect your health and your life in the future is even more important!


Shine Fitness specialises in women’s only outdoor group training in beautiful locations in the Kawana area. We believe that when you make exercise and healthy eating a priority that’s when you truly SHINE! Our goal is to empower women to be the healthiest, fittest & strongest version of themselves. 




 Larissa Fisher Personal Trainer. photography by Lou O'Brien.