happy father's day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.

This year we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day by starting out with breakfast in bed for my hubby Oby, proudly cooked by our two kids Zali and Alex.  They have mastered cooking eggs in the microwave, so we’ll see if it gets a any better than that.

 Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, images by Lou O'Brien

We are lucky that we still have our Dad’s around and they live nearby.  We’ll be dropping into both of them throughout the day.  No doubt fishing in the canal with my father-in-law and probably watching a movie with my Dad.

I think Father’s Day, as with Mother’s Day is about spending time with each other and not about expensive gifts.  We’ve always asked our kids to draw us a picture or make us something as their presents to us, and I love to see their creations each year.

I do struggle sometimes working out what to write on our Dad’s cards.  How do you sum up and express your love and thanks for their life lessons and bad Dad jokes?  I’ve searched the internet and found some inspiration. 

being a dad

Here's a list of Dad's Jokes from the one the funnest small screens Dad's out their on TV today, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

modern family dad's jokes

Happy Father's Day!